The best Himala Poem by Allama Iqbal in English

Himala Poem by Allama Iqbal in English

This poem is the first poem of Allama Iqbal’s first poetry collection ‘Bang Dara’ which was published in 1901 in the first issue of Risala Makhzan. In this poem, patriotic sentiments are hidden and the perfection of imagery is seen. His language is painted in Persian. Since this poem is written in the spirit of patriotism, the colour of exaggeration is prominent in it. This poem consists of 8 verses which are explained below.


The poet speaks of the Himalayas that you act as a wall or a city to protect India and you are so high that even the sky bows and kisses your forehead. So the world has existed since birth but is still young. There was no sign of weakness in you. Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) saw the manifestation as a mountain, but in the eyes of the wise, it is a manifestation, that is, your existence is a witness to the omnipotence of God.

Himala Poem by Allama Iqbal in English
Himala Poem by Allama Iqbal in English

The second

Apparently, it is a mountain but in fact, nature has made you the protector of India. You are so high that if you are called Diwan, then this sky is the first poem of this Diwan and seeing you, a feeling of your greatness is created in the heart of every person. There is always snow on your tops and this snow looks as if a crown of virtue is tied on your head and this crown is so honourable that even the sun is ashamed. This means that the poet wants to imprint on our hearts the height and greatness of the Himalayas.

The third

O the Himalayas! Your peaks speak to the stars, that is, they are very high. Although it is based on the earth, the sky is known in terms of size. The water of the rivers that flow in your valleys is very clear and the wind keeps clearing the surface of these rivers.


Clouds are riding on the horse of the wind and lightning is like whips in the hands of the cloud so that they can move the wind faster. Nature has made you a playground for the four elements. Clouds fly at your feet as fast as an elephant without a chain.


There are hundreds of kinds of flowers blooming at your feet that move with the gusts of wind. Each flower says in the language of its own leaf that no flower can reach us and nature has built our house on such a high place that no one can pass through it.


Now in these poems, the poet eats the perfection of imagery and says that the water of the river flowing from the height of the mountain is so clear and pleasant that it resembles the water of the canals of heaven and the things around it. The mirror is also visible. Sometimes it escapes from large rocks and sometimes it collides with them.

Because the flow of mountain rivers produces very welcoming sounds, the poet assumes that the river is a master of music and addresses it as follows: O river! Like you, my heart is full of songs. I am your sympathizer and companion, so play the instrument of my heart in which very beautiful music is hidden.

This is a very beautiful message. The poet has first likened his heart to an instrument. The instrument has been described as “delightful in Iraq.”

“The heart understands the wet sound” can have two meanings, one is the one mentioned above. The other meaning is that in Iqbal, the river is a symbol of life, that is, they liken life to a river or gamble. In another poem (Philosophy of Grief) he writes.

In a sense, the canal of life is flowing

With the rise of the fall, the crowd became human

Considering this meaning, it would mean that O river! My heart is aware of your reality because human life is living in the same way as you are constantly flowing. That is, the same is true of human life.


When evening falls, the sound of waterfalls sounds very captivating. The silence of the evening in the mountains is more pleasant than conversation. It is as if the trees are standing, thinking, and the twilight is as if someone had put powder on the face of the mountain.


Then, when the poet contemplates the antiquity of the Himalayas, his mind naturally shifts to antiquity, and he imagines a time when a man was utterly ignorant of fashion and texture.

Gul-e-Rangeen Poem by Allamaiqbal In English

This poem is also included in Allama Iqbal’s first collection of poems ‘Bang-e-Dara’ and it is a hexagon from the practice of unity, i.e. it is a poem with six syllables. Allama Iqbal should not be a poet of the hexagon of the poem. Ann’s first poem, “The Himalayas,” is found by McDickney. The basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis poem is that the flower is very attractive, but it does not contain the substance of research and effort, and man, if he has the power to do all this pain and observation, that is, to acquire knowledge.

The second thing that needs to be considered is that this poem is from the time when Allama Iqbal was studying nature and was engaged in research and exploration. The third thing is that the subject of this poem is very trivial but Allama Iqbal What is the highest point? The style of this poem is also similar to English poems. It seems that Iqbal was studying English poets at that time. This poem consists of four verses whose interpretation can be seen.

First O beautiful flower of the rose! It seems that you don’t have a heart in your chest. If you had a heart, you would still be searching and wishing like me, but there is no wish in your life.

The second

The second stanza also further explains the first stanza. The poet addresses the flower and says that you are not aware of the pain of Ulfat, but if I am full of desire, then I am certainly not in the midst of grief. I don’t even have the knowledge of botany to separate you from the branch first, to separate your leaves from the leaves, then to bind them together and see from afar what ingredients your leaves are a mixture of look at it from an angle, that is, there is no need for you to break off a branch to enjoy your beauty.

The third

O Gul, you are silent. What is this? It seems that there is a secret hidden in your heart. Are you worried about separation from your original homeland, Paradise? This is also true to some extent because the world is not the real thing between you and me, so you came from heaven, and I wish you came from heaven, but there is a difference between us. That you should Absolutely satisfied, but I spread your fragrance in this way, that is, I remain anxious, because the nail-biting sword is research and search for research, research in and out of search material or material magazine is ready to search in time.


Apparently, my life is full of fury, but I think that nature has not done me any injustice. My anxiety is the cornerstone of my graduation and as much as I am passionate about research and exploration. The reward for this is that my knowledge increases. Apparently, I am not weak, nor do I have claws like a lion, but it is this inability that draws me to safety equipment.

Although I am amazed, it is this amazement that motivates me to do research. The truth is that the quest that seems to bother me is the cause of all the fascination in this world. If this passion had not been driven, man would still be naked. That is to say, living in the bare caves, the same spirit of research has led man on the path of progress and elevation, ie, thanks to him, human civilization has progressed to the present high level.

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