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Molvi Abdul Haq Quotes

  • The form of goodness changes according to the circumstances in every age. Serving and caring for the sick in times of epidemics is the greatest reward. Feeding the hungry in times of famine is more worship than prayers. Its existence is in danger. To serve and promote Urdu is worship.
  • According to a sage, it is difficult to absorb non-nationals into one’s own nation in such a way that there is no distinction between oneself and others. It is even more difficult to work. This ability is present in Urdu to a great extent. Hundreds of thousands of words have been found in it in such a way that the speakers and readers do not even know whether they are natives or foreigners.
  • The environment has a great impact on the purpose of man, an unfavorable environment sometimes destroys the highest mental qualities, and if a reasonable companionship or environment is found and the ability is also reached man reaches the peak of development.
  • Language is free from caste, nationality, and patriotism. It is the language of the one who speaks it.
  • Criticism is necessary for the right taste, but for a critic who gets involved in this difficult and patient work, broad knowledge, insight, and good taste are required. True criticism is useful for both the writer and the reader.
  • Teaching in a foreign language does not stop mental development, lacks innovation, dulls the power of observation, and does not produce a taste for research, but also has a detrimental effect on morality.
  • At the moment, the priority is the stability of Pakistan and stability is essential for Pakistan. A major source of unity and harmony is the national language. Urdu is like Shiraz which will keep the various elements of the country from dispersing and keep them strong, so try to strengthen this Shiraz as far as possible.
  • If you make a list of the world’s most popular writers, you will find that they are the only ones in the world who have expressed their views in simple and eloquent language.
  • Literature can only be useful and alive if it has the power to move with its influence and which has the ability to reach out to as many people as possible and make an impact on them.
  • There is nothing new or old in literature, a word that has freshness, innovation, and depth of thought is always new even if it was written two thousand years ago and whatever it is not is old even if it is written today. Don’t be.
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Molvi Abdul Haq Saadat Hasan Manto Quotes
Molvi Abdul Haq Saadat Hasan Manto Quotes

Saadat Hasan Manto Quotes

  • When the lover runs out of words, he starts kissing.
  • I am part of a society where we face the mirror just to see the shape.
  • Our society allows a woman to run a brothel but not to run a tanga … ‌!
  • The diamond market is a blind well that can’t be filled with the wealth of the world.
  • Every beautiful thing creates its place in the heart of man, even if a man is untrained.
  • The body can be burned but the soul cannot be burned.
  • The religion of the empty stomach is bread.
  • Just as some children are born prematurely and remain weak, so too is the love that is born prematurely weak.
  • How cruel women are. Especially old people. Whether the wounds are fresh or old, they do it with pleasure.
  • Love is a disease and unless it lasts a long time, it is just a joke.
  • I have always been interested in today, I never thought about yesterday or tomorrow, what was supposed to happen has happened, what is going to happen will happen.
  • When I think of love, only sexuality is visible. When I look at a woman separately from her sexuality, the image of a stone remains.
  • Hunger is the mother of all the curses of the world. This hunger teaches begging, incites crime, forces prostitution.
  • A grinding woman who works all day and sleeps well at night cannot be the heroine of my myths. My heroine may be a bitch who wakes up at night and sometimes wakes up in her sleep during the day with the nightmare that old age has come to knock on her door.
  • I don’t hide the dirt, I clean it.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the times we are going through, read my fiction. If you can’t stand these myths, it means this time is unbearable.
  • If the mention of a prostitute is obscene, then its existence is also obscene. If its mention is forbidden, then its profession should also be forbidden. Erase the profession of a prostitute.
  • Why not present the essence of what is. Why should the tot be made an atlas? Why should the pile of filth be turned into a heap of incense and amber? Deviation from the truth?
  • There are moments in a person’s life that are not even in the imagination. The best way to make a living is to let them go.
  • The closeness of a man is also important for the beauty of a woman.
  • Man’s desires are like bubbles that do not know why they are created and why they burst and dissolve in the air.
  • The desire to know what is not known probably arises in the heart of every person.
  • I often wonder how this feeling of compassion has hurt me.
  • Every habit matures into nature and that is a terrible thing.