Interpretation of the poem Mirza Ghalib

Interpretation of the poem Mirza Ghalib

This poem of Allama Iqbal is included in his first collection of poems “Bang Dara” which was published in 1924. This poem was presented by Allama Iqbal as a tribute in the service of Mirza Ghalib, the most famous Persian poet of India.

Mirza Ghalib himself used to say that if anyone wants to know my status, he should study Persian instead of Urdu. Allama Iqbal In this poem, he has explained the perfections of Ghalib with great sincerity. This poem consists of five verses, the interpretation of which is as follows:


Allama Iqbal says that if one wants to know how far the human imagination can fly, one should study Ghalib’s Persian word. If the body of poetry is called the body, then the dominant is its souls. “Staying away from the party” has two meanings, one is that Ghalib stayed away because the soul is not visible, the other meaning is that there is a subtle hint in this sentence that the word of Ghalib is so loud. Very few people can understand it, that is, its meaning is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people.

The second

In this verse, Allama Iqbal praises the poetry of Mirza Ghalib and says that just as the noise of a mountain river creates charm and attraction in the mountains, so also in your poetry imagination has created dignity and power in the world. Is.

Interpretation of the poem Mirza Ghalib
Interpretation of the poem Mirza Ghalib

You have made clear the virtues of nature. In addition to the power of imagination, nature has also given you the power of thinking, that is, the power to think, and because of this power you have made new articles in your speech. In addition to these two basic qualities, there is such a joy in your words that it has brought life to your poems. There is also a perfection of literary painting in your words, that is, you have portrayed the events of love in your poems. Have pulled

The third

O mighty one, your word is a source of honour to man’s power of speech, and your imagination is so high that even the radiant is astonished at its height. Also, the style of expression is so charming and beautiful that the articles themselves seem ready to focus on it. There is so much sweetness in your words that even the colour of Hafiz and Saadi seems dull in front of it. If there is anyone in your contemporaries who is equal to you in poetry, it was Goethe, the famous German poet. He was born in a nation that is in decline and he was born in a nation that is in progress.


Allama Iqbal, while describing the features of Ghalib’s speech, says that in the field of poetry, only the poet who has been endowed by nature with both imagination and thought can accompany you. What a lesson that now such a situation has arisen in India that the emergence of another Ghalib cannot be expected even though the Urdu language has not yet reached the level of perfection. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to be born who is like the candle that fixes it, ie the Urdu language, which needs the sympathy of the butterfly, the great poet.


In the last stanza, Allama Iqbal addresses the city of Delhi and says: O Delhi! You have always been the centre of knowledge and skills, your history has been full of mentions of celebrities, your emirates are lamenting them with the present language. Great poets and writers are buried in your dust, but I think that a great poet like Ghalib cannot be born in your dust.