Gautama Buddha | Guru Nanak | Gandhi Quotes

14 best Gautama Buddha Quotes in English

Gautama Buddha | Guru Nanak | Gandhi Quotes
  • Animals don’t like bad language either.
  • Love is another name for humanity.
  • Selfless service to man is the ascension of humanity.
  • The greatest is the one who overcomes his own self.
  • Patience is the greatest prayer.
  • If we put ointment on the external wound of our body then why don’t we heal the spiritual wound?
  • Truths are as infinite as leaves which cannot be counted by the human intellect.
  • Dissatisfaction is the greatest sorrow and contentment is the greatest happiness, so the person who wants happiness should always be satisfied.
  • Do what you do not have to regret.
  • Feeding the lotus of happiness in the hearts of the people is better than thousands of pilgrimages.
  • It is better to sit in the company of a pious person than to bow your head before a god.
  • More tears have flowed from the eyes of man than the waters of the seven seas.
  • Grief arises from dear things and fear of dear things. He who is free from the bondage of dear things has neither sorrow nor fear.
  • Love for every living soul is another name for humanity.

12 Best Guru Nanak Quotes in English

Guru Nanak
  • Hindus and Muslims are servants of the same God.
  • Serving God’s creatures is the best way to please God.
  • The hearts of those who take the name of Ishwar by word of mouth and hate others cannot be cleansed. No matter how many good deeds they do day and night, they cannot have China even in their dreams.
  • Goodness is my religion.
  • If a weak person insults you, I will forgive him. That is why the work of the brave is to forgive.
  • If the heart is fair then everything is impure. Washing the body does not make the heart pure.
  • Think of the one who has committed a sin as a man, the one who has repented and repented as a sinner, the guardian, and the one who has committed a sin as a devil.
  • Ignorant people lose heart for wealth, wise people lose wealth for the heart.
  • The best legacy that can be left for future generations is good manners and high character.
  • Whoever finds God’s name sweet, his heart is full of joy and happiness.
  • This world is a garden and Prabhu as its gardener. He knows everyone, no one is deprived.
  • No one in the world, who is a lover of wealth, takes the name of God.

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26 Best Mahatma Gandhi Quotes in English

Gandhi Quotes

Even a little lie can make a person feel like a drop of poison in milk.

True love is expressed through service, not praise.

Finding the truth will bring goodness and beauty.

Without character, knowledge becomes the power of evil.

Silence is the highest speech.

Crime is written on a person’s face.

My greatest wish is that I ask every tear in every eye.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Slaves rule in the land of slaves.

Tolerance is the principle of life.

Sleep is a mirror of the waking state.

Calling a woman weak is an insult to her.

Desires are the root of all suffering.

The suspect has no whereabouts.

Worship of the Goddess of Hope is never in vain.

I consider malice a disgrace to humanity.

If a woman wants, she can shower flowers of happiness and peace all around.

Oppression is the greatest sin.

Hate the crime, not the culprit.

Art that does not increase spiritual well-being is not art.

Do not waste any living thing, do not anger anything, do not lie.

If patriotism does not mean the benevolence of the people of Noah, then it is absolutely meaningless.

Books are worth more than jewels because jewels shine outwardly while books enlighten the inward.

If I had a daughter, I would let her remain a virgin, but I would not marry a boy who expected me to take a penny.

To act with distrust is to fall into a blind alley.

God made man eat my hard work and said that those who eat without hard work are thieves.

Mahatma Gandhi