Biography of Homer

Biography of Homer

Biography of Homer

Through his epic poems, Homer has played a very influential role in Western literature. The Iliad and the Odyssey are at the forefront of his classical, Western canon literature. Details about Homer’s life are scarce and various sources cite various variations of his life.

Historian Herodotus Homer lived about 8,850 BC. However, other sources suggest that Homer was born during the Trojan War in the early 12th century BC. The name Homer is interpreted to mean “he who supports, he who is compelled to follow.” Or “blind” in some dialects. This is because of the idea that Homer may be blind. Homer is said to have been born on the Greek island of Chios or perhaps Ionia.

Homer may have been a prominent member of the court – perhaps as a justice minister or storyteller. Despite the length of the Iliad and the Odyssey, it is possible that at least part of these epics was initially memorized orally. In ancient times, there was a strong tradition of memorizing poems by professional storytellers. Early works include two family books to be written and preserved for generations.

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By the eighth century BC, the Greek alphabet was still being introduced and writing was a new skill that many did not have. There is debate as to whether Homer wrote both epics. Some say that the work may have been created by different people under the name ‘Homer’ to be added for convenience. However, other educators say that both epics were written by one man – Homer. Homer is credited with a number of poems, including

The Whole Epic Cycle and Homac Hymns. However, it is for his heroic abilities – the Iliad and the Odyssey – that Hexomer’s verse states that he is most remembered. The Iliad depicts the siege of XI or Troy during the last year of the Trojan War. Iliad describes how the city of Troy was finally captured after a cunning use of the ‘Trojan Horse’ – a gift from the Greeks to Troy, which was in fact the detachment of soldiers – which was once incomprehensible. Had broken through the city.

The Iliad emphasizes the intervention of the gods. Sometimes it appears that men are instruments of destiny and also the interpretation of higher powers. In the Iliad, religious devotion and morality play a key role.

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