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Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) Quotes

  • I leave myself completely to Allah Almighty. I do not desire anything that is against the condition that Allah Almighty adopts for me.
  • I’m going to a place I’ve never been before and I’m seeing creatures I’ve never seen before.
  • You must keep your inner secrets safe because Allah Almighty knows the secrets of the conscience.
  • Whoever does not believe in the value of good and evil from Allah is a disbeliever, and whoever attributes his misery to the will of God Almighty is Fajr.
  • Too much praise is doom.
  • Your age is getting shorter and shorter. Help someone with what you have.
  • A believer is one who provides for the Hereafter, and a disbeliever is one who enjoys the world.
  • There are ten good morals. The truthfulness of language, rights of worship, reward for kindness, giving to the beggar, reward, mercy, hospitality, intensity of attack in the war against falsehood, protection of the neighbor, and above all shame
  • Be friends with those who want to be your friends, you will be called agents.
  • If you want to be just, be the friend of the person who wants to be your friend.
  • It is possible to hide a flaw and maintain the adornment of dignity in silence.
  • The best provision of the Hereafter is piety and abstinence.
  • Three things kill a man. Jealousy, greed, and arrogance.
  • Abid is the one who is satisfied with the distribution of Allah Almighty.
  • Greed causes a person to get into trouble.
  • A Muslim is one who does good to his neighbor.
  • Arrogance leads to religion and faith, so Satan is rejected and cursed because of arrogance.
  • Jealousy is a fire that burns people and incites others to enmity.
  • The believer is the one who gathers for the Hereafter.
  • The one who is quiet lives in peace and security accompanies him.
  • He who does not have intellect does not have literature, he who does not have courage does not have success and he who does not have a religion does not have modesty.

Best & Top Islamic Quotes

Top Islamic Quotes
Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) Quotes

Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) Quotes

  • The brother is the one who keeps on giving advice and does not become bound by it in compassion and love.
  • Man should obey the command of his compassion and consider the shadow of his compassion upon himself.
  • The most compassionate is your brother, your religion.
  • Salvation is in man’s obedience to religion and his death is in opposition to religion.
  • We have cut off all worldly luxuries and erased all our desires and aspirations and devoted our lives to fulfilling the desires of others.
  • Don’t take responsibility for things that are difficult for you to do.
  • The best use of wealth is to maintain one’s dignity.
  • The highest forgiver is the one who works with forgiveness while having the power of revenge.
  • If you want to be a leader, make a movement, and struggle with your routine.
  • Don’t go for less than your full potential.
  • Don’t expect too much from your work.
  • If you want people to praise you, do good.
  • Humiliation is that which is stingy.
  • What is stupidity? Following the bastards and obeying the misguided.
  • Marwat is to fulfill your promise.
  • All those I loved are gone and now I am one of those who do not like me.
  • The color of the world changed and she lost her goodness. There is no one who can stop the oppressor from oppressing. The time has come for the believer to be restless in the path of truth, to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah Almighty.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Top Islamic Quotes
Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) Quotes

Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq Quotes in English

  • Whoever wants to be honored without caste and tribe and without fear of government, tell him to renounce sins and take power.
  • The eye of the heart is opened by worship, it has access to Lamkan and no secret of the universe is hidden from it.
  • He who fears Allah Almighty is horrified by the people.
  • Nafs is against Allah Almighty and opposition to Nafs is friendship with Allah Almighty.
  • There are many sins due to which the servant gets closer to the Almighty and there are many acts of worship due to which the servant turns away from the Almighty because the obedient is a proud sinner. The sinful servant is obedient.
  • Do not associate with the wicked, for wickedness will overtake you. Consult with people who obey God well.
  • The true piety is that whatever is inside your heart if you put it in an open dish and patrol the bazaar, there should not be a single thing in it that you would be ashamed to reveal in this way.
  • Man has a force that can look into the future. He wakes up when the senses are asleep and the brain is free from the interference of observations.
  • The liar does not get mercy and the envious do not get relief, the wicked do not get leadership.
  • Too much belief is ruin and criticism is unfortunate.
  • Drinking anger while having the power of revenge is the best jihad.
  • Finding comfort in adversity develops adversity.
  • It is easy to repent but difficult to forsake sin.
  • It is generous not to be greedy for the wealth of others.
  • Sin is a fistula. If you don’t give up, it will continue to grow.
  • In the morning, you must go to the market to earn respect.
  • He who does not control his tongue will regret it.
  • One sin is too much and a thousand obedience too little.
  • Worship is not valid without repentance because Allah Almighty has put repentance before worship.
  • Protect yourself from the mahram of Allah so that you may be a worshiper. And be content with what has happened to you.
  • Compliments are the seed of arrogance for you.

Best & Top Islamic Quotes
Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq Quotes in English | Best & Top Islamic Quotes

Harzar suleman alaihi ssalam quotes

  • Education is the best charity.
  • When a man’s attitude is in accordance with God’s will, he also makes enemies of his friends.
  • Justice and righteousness are better in the sight of Allah than sacrifice.
  • Allaah hates these things. High eyes, false tongue, hands that hurt the innocent, hearts that make evil plans, feet that rush to evil, witnesses who lie, and people who quarrel among brothers.
  • Wealth makes many friends, but the poor man is alienated from his own friend, and even the poor man’s brothers hate him.
  • The ignorant reveal what is in his heart, but the wise man hides it till the end.
  • Do not despise the warning of Allah Almighty and do not be disgusted with its discipline because Allah Almighty warns the one whom He loves just as the father warns the son whom He is pleased with.
  • Don’t give up on your son’s discipline. Hitting him with a stick will not kill him, but you will save his life from hell.
  • The one who gets angry late is very wise and the one who is quick shows his foolishness.
  • The world is talkative, cold-tempered, and wise. Even a fool is considered wise as long as he is silent.
  • Contentment refreshes the body and envy swallows the body.
  • Don’t answer a fool like his stupidity, lest you become like him.
  • The fear of Allah Almighty is very wise.
  • Leave the quarrel before it escalates.
  • The bread of deceit is sweet to a man, but in the end, his mouth is full of pebbles.
  • The light of every human being is right in his eyes but Allah Almighty weighs the hearts.
  • The rich rule over the poor and the debtor is the servant of the creditor.
  • Truth never fails.
  • Home and wealth are inherited from the father, but a wise wife is a blessing from God.
  • He who has evil in his heart will not find good, and he who has criticism in his tongue will be afflicted.
  • Do not consider yourself wise in your opinion. Fear Allah Almighty and refrain from evil.
  • Sweet words quell anger.
  • He who sends a message to a fool cuts off his feet.
  • Fear of God increases the age, the age of the wicked decreases.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • A cheerful man is the medicine of withered hearts.

Quotes On Hazrat Esa (A.S)

  • I have not failed to raise the dead, but I have failed to correct the fool.
  • Don’t be angry with your brother for no reason.
  • Good deeds are those that are done without expecting praise from the people.
  • There is nothing more true than death and nothing more false than hope.
  • Do not think of your own good, but consider the pleasure of Allah Almighty as the best.
  • Every good tree bears good fruit, and every bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
  • There are two types of travel. The journey of this world and the hereafter. Both require comfort. Tosha should be accompanied in the journey of this world and the journey should be sown before leaving for the Hereafter
  • Be careful not to show your righteous deeds to the people, otherwise, there will be no reward for you in the sight of Allah Almighty.
  • Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • Adults should remain small because those who consider themselves big are made small and those who become small get big status.
  • Do not be proud of the riches of this world. Do you know that your life will be demanded of you that night?
  • The example of the inactive world is like a torch in the hand of the blind. People get light from it but it itself is deprived of light.
  • Anfal sin is much better than arrogance and worship.

Quotes Hazrat Hasan Basri Rahmat Ul Allah Alahi

  • Remember that he who associates with wicked people will be subject to his own wickedness, and if there is goodness and virtue in him, he will associate with authority.
  • Whoever remains in misfortune will be suspicious of the party of the righteous and their leaders, and this is unanimously agreed upon.
  • What is devoid of wisdom is calamity, what is devoid of silence is negligence, what is devoid of sight is humiliation.
  • The liar harms himself first.
  • Grief brings energy to the soul.
  • Whoever God wants to humiliate, he goes in search of wealth.
  • There is no animal in the world that is more powerful than the self.
  • He who lives in the world and protects himself from the love of the world has benefited himself and others.
  • Do what you expect from others first.
  • If all the deeds of the children of Adam were good, then arrogance would destroy them.
  • The wise think before they speak, and the fool thinks after he speaks.
  • The pain of the eyes and the tongue is imprisonment for the soul.
  • The torment of this world is that your heart may die.
  • Man’s greatest enemy is his own self.
  • The company of the wicked casts doubt on the righteous.

Quotes on Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani in English

Top quotes

  • Like anonymity because it has more peace than fame.
  • It is your job to start and to complete.
  • Your worst enemy is your evil companion.
  • Your word will tell what is in your heart.
  • The wise man first asks from the heart and then speaks from the mouth.
  • How can a person who cannot be a teacher of his own self be a teacher of another?
  • There is no good in being unharmed.
  • He who asks for something from the creatures is blind at the door of the Creator.
  • Silence in solitude is not masculinity, be silent in solitude.
  • Always have a good opinion of others and be unhappy with yourself.
  • Our backbiters are our benefactors who pay tribute to us, that is, they transfer all their good deeds to our name.
  • So you are not a sincere seeker until you start giving priority to your neighbor over yourself in your diet.
  • Many rich captives are poor and naked because of greed. The real hero is the one who, after defeating the giant of greed, becomes destitute of the material world.
  • You are busy fulfilling the desires of the self and it is ruining you.
  • He who is jealous of his well-to-do neighbor denies the wisdom of qasam rizq.
  • The deserving seeker is a gift from Allah Almighty which is sent to the servant.
  • Consider how the soil of the beauties is deteriorating in the broken graves.
  • Unbelief is the opposite of blessing and self-denial is the opposite of truth.
  • Suspicion shuts down all benefits.
  • Look at the one who sees, love the one who loves you, listen to the one who hears you, give your hand to the one who is ready to hold.
  • It is far from common sense to please the enemies of God Almighty.
  • So try not to start the conversation on your behalf and make your words the answer.
  • In the process in which you do not feel comfortable, understand that the action is not.
  • O you who act, create sincerity, otherwise it is futile toil.
  • The eye that knows God especially from the love of the world is blind.
  • Rude is the fault of both the creator and the creature.
  • The love of Allaah and the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is mixed with thought.
  • Remembering death is the cure for all mental illnesses.
  • Consent to poverty is extremely rewarding.
  • The sign of your negligence is to sit next to the people of negligence.
  • If you want to be happy, make others happy.
  • Close to the Creator is the one who has compassion for God’s creatures.
  • The world of the oppressed oppresses and the Hereafter deteriorates.
  • Also, keep your tongue shut when answering unnecessary things.

Quotes On Hazrat Awais Qarni (RA)


  • The love of God cannot pass through the heart of one who loves the creatures as if he does not understand the love of God at all.
  • Security is in the imagination and in isolation.
  • As long as one has the love of the devil in his heart and his soul is dominant in his heart and he is concerned about the world and the hereafter and the fear of the people, he does not attain the state of unity.
  • If you attribute success only to God while struggling, you will become indifferent to people and this is the real exception.
  • It is conceived to behave with humility at a high level. If you do good to people, they will consider you as their leader. You will speak the truth.
  • Hell is closer to the neck than to the person who is well dressed, eats good food and wants to be in the company of the rich.
  • Khushoo says such ignorance that if a spear is hit on it, the effect will not be felt.
  • If a person worships God equal to the angels, then Allaah will not accept him unless he trusts in Allaah. The way to trust in Allah Almighty is to do what Allah Almighty has ordained for you, that is, to be free from fear and not to be disturbed in worship.
  • If you use your strengths and senses in the right way, you will gain more respect than being from a high family.

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