Best Aristotle and Plato Quotes

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22 Best Aristotle Quotes In English

  • Anger always starts with stupidity and ends with remorse.
  • Everything new sounds good, but the older the friendship, the better and stronger.
  • Don’t look for someone else’s faults so that no one else will look for your faults.
  • How bad is the man who doesn’t care that people are watching him?
  • Telling an employee your secret makes him an employee.
  • Good manners make life comfortable and comfortable. It should take precedence over all rituals.
  • If someone does evil to you and you do good to someone, forget both.
  • What is far from our habit is also far from reason.
  • Don’t be ashamed to express what you don’t know.
  • Troubles and sorrows seem more terrible to us because of our lack of courage.
  • Habits weaken nature and make it work against it.
  • Mental fulfillment does not come from concepts and ideas, but from the efforts that are made to achieve those concepts.
  • Silence is the easiest thing to do, the most beneficial habit.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to answer so that there is no embarrassment in the end.
  • Nothing can harm the country and wealth more than the authorities.
  • One who cannot bear the hardships of acquiring knowledge has to endure the hardships of ignorance for the rest of his life.
  • The easiest thing to do is to talk less.
  • The greatest victory of life is overcoming the nafs. If the nafs conquers the heart, then understand that the heart is dead.
  • The greatest coward is the one who fears death.
  • The face is a flower without a biography with many thorns and no fragrance at all.
  • Do not associate with the oppressors and the oppressors, for you will be questioned on the Day of Judgment.
  • She is the mother of poverty, revolution, and crime.

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16 Best Plato Quotes In English

A person is not wise who is happy with worldly pleasures and anxious with troubles.
  • A person is not wise who is happy with worldly pleasures and anxious with troubles.
  • Shame is not better than seeking knowledge because ignorance is worse than shame.
  • To love knowledge is to love wisdom.
  • The world always sheds tears over the death of the wise and the life of the ignorant.
  • Think about it for a long time, then take it out of your mouth and then act on it.
  • Silence is human security.
  • Do not ask Allah Almighty for things that do not last long, but seek the remnants of righteousness.
  • The biggest flaw of doctors is that they start treating without paying attention to the mind.
  • Do not make evil a source of good.
  • Badness is that which shows the evils of the people but hides the good deeds.
  • The amount of anger in the conversation should be as much as the salt in the food as long as it stays in style, otherwise, it will be digested.
  • A person who has a habit of contemplation speaks with his soul.
  • The greatest victory is to conquer yourself.
  • The desire for something that cannot be achieved is futile.
  • Wisdom is the greatest of all the gifts of God Almighty and a wise person is one whose words and deeds are the same.
  • Where the intellect is perfect, greed and evil will be imperfect.

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Best Aristotle and Plato Quotes

Best Aristotle and Plato Quotes

Best Aristotle and Plato Quotes

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