Best 6 Sufi quotes in English

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imam Ghazali quotes in English | Sufi Quotes

  • The one who is patient over the misbehavior of a woman will be rewarded equal to the patience of Hazrat Ayub (as).
  • Silence is worship in itself.
  • Excessive suffering leads to a lack of love.
  • Delaying an hour with the power to repay the loan is also cruel, but with the permission of the creditor.
  • Every decision of Allah Almighty is based on reason and justice, so never bring a word of complaint on the lips.
  • Buying expensive from the needy is in kindness and is better than charity.
  • If a poor guest comes, take a loan and bother.
  • Don’t find fault with the food, don’t eat if you don’t like it.
  • Three things destroy man. Greed, envy, and pride.
  • Evil breeds enmity and enmity breeds persecution.
  • Do not show favor to the poor by giving charity, but be grateful for accepting it.
  • It is foolish to think of yourself as the best.
  • There is a weakness in a woman whose cure is patience. She should not grieve but should endure her grief.
  • Man’s greatest achievement is to control his heart and tongue.
  • The one whose clothes are thin and light will also have a weak mind.
  • Gossip is when a person is mentioned behind his back in such a way that if he hears it, he will be sad.
  • You look in the mirror, if you are handsome, do not get the ink of sin on your face, and if you are Russian, do not combine two inks.
  • Eating before hunger is both makrooh and mazmoom.
  • Two men’s stomachs never fill. Student and student wealth.
  • Hard words harden even the softest of hearts.
  • The affairs of a virtuous woman are not from this world but from the Hereafter.
  • There is such a fine line between good and evil that it is invisible.
  • Correction of children is in the school and in the woman’s home.
  • He who does not marry may save his private parts, but it is impossible for him to save his eyes and heart.
  • Anger extinguishes the candle of humanity.
  • The envious one throws stones at the enemy but he looks back at him and the enemy laughs.
  • The key to happiness is to be alert and vigilant in your affairs and to act thoughtfully.
  • Be gentle in speech because accent has more effect than words.
  • Some idiots continue to grieve over why Allah Almighty gave wealth to such and such.
  • Life is a journey that has a beginning and an end. In this journey, there are years, months, months, milestones, and every step.
  • Do not differentiate between the rich and the poor in accepting the invitation, do not reject the invitation because of the distance.
Best 6 Sufi quotes in English
Anger extinguishes the candle of humanity.

Data Ganj Bakhsh r.a | Sufi Quotes

  • Always remember that the status of Darwish is very high in the path of Mulla and there are great dangers for Darwish in this path.
  • The Sufi should keep himself attached to his beloved. And the world should be free from the causes of treacherous and unfaithfulness that this world is the abode of immorality and depravity.
  • The name of Ghani alone is the glory of the Almighty and the creatures cannot deserve this name.
  • Remember that whoever makes the clothes of the saints a tool for worldly gain will bring disaster for himself.
  • The poor are called single and the poor are called Tosha.
  • A Sufi is one who has the Holy Quran in one hand and the Sunnah of the Prophet in the other.
  • There is a lot of knowledge and human life is short, so it is not obligatory for a man to learn all the sciences, it is necessary to the extent that the process is correct.
  • The corruption of the whole country is due to the corruption of these three groups. When the rulers are ignorant, when the scholars are inactive and when the poor are unreliable.
  • There are two types of pleasure, the first is God’s approval of the servant, the second is the servant’s satisfaction with God.
  • Abstaining from the company of careless princes, lazy poor and ignorant dervishes is worship.
  • Do not look down on the pious people, no matter how poor and needy they may be, for this leads to contempt of Allah Almighty in every sentence.
  • Blessings arise from the work that is done for the sake of the soul.
  • Constant worship leads to discovery and observation.
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HAZRAT SUFYAN SURI QUOTES | Islamic Deep Lines | Sufi Quotes

  • Take the world for the body and the Hereafter for the heart.
  • The person who thinks he will live tomorrow is not ready to die.
  • Leaving the love of government and woman is more bitter than patience.
  • He who puts himself above others is arrogant.
  • Whoever meets the oppressor with a smile on his face or gives him a place in the assembly or takes what he has given him, he has broken the chain of Islam and is counted among the helpers of the oppressors.
  • The perfect certainty is that when a person is in trouble, he should not blame Allah Almighty, but should consider it a relief and give thanks to Him.
  • We have seen elders who longed for death and I was amazed at their desire and now I am amazed at those who do not wish for death.
  • Reduce acquaintance with people because in acquaintance with them you will get nothing but loss and man always suffers from an acquaintance and not from a stranger.
  • Prayer is in fact the name of a Turkish sin that serves its purpose without question.
  • I do not count any deed that appears to be good because when people see it, there can be no sincerity from people like us.
  • Jealousy is misunderstood. Many times I stopped wearing new clothes for fear that my neighbor would be jealous.
  • It is very easy for you to meet Allah Almighty with seventy sins that belong to Allah Almighty.
  • It is enough for the common people to fear Allah Almighty so much that they avoid suspicion.

Bayazid Bastami |Sufi Quotes

  • Seeking heaven without action is a sin in itself.
  • Humility is to be humble to the dervishes and arrogant to the rich.
  • The lucky one is the one who does good and fears and the unfortunate one is the one who does evil and hopes for popularity.
  • Allah Almighty imposes a tyrant on him whom He approves and who afflicts him.
  • Four things elevate man. Knowledge, grace, kind words, and patience.
  • The nafs is something that always leads to falsehood.
  • Trust is to go to life for one day and not worry about tomorrow.
  • The birth of every child is a message of the time that Allah Almighty has not yet disappointed man.
  • Just as you want Allah Almighty for tomorrow, become for Him today.
  • Recognize the truth by being blind, deaf, and lame.
  • This is the sign of recognizing Allah Almighty that you should run away from the throat.
  • The country is a field and justice is its guardian. If there is no guard, the field becomes barren.
  • If you don’t become strong in 30 years and wise in 40 years, you can never expect to be strong and wise.
  • That is the age of poverty in Islam in which the scholars are fascinated by the world.
  • The power of a scholar is more than one lakh ignorant.
  • He will please you by pleasing Allah Almighty.
  • When a person becomes virtuous, everything he does becomes virtuous.

Sufi Quote | junaid Baghdadi

Bayazid Bastami
  • There are things. Generosity, advice, affection, and compassion.
  • The man is from the biography and not from the face.
  • Associate with the person who forgets to do good and pays the due.
  • When love is perfect, the condition of literature falls.
  • Recognize the Lordship of Allah Almighty.
  • The truthful one is the one whose truthfulness has always remained in his actions, words, and circumstances.
  • Freedom cannot be achieved unless servitude is fulfilled.
  • The truth is that when you look at it, you get what you heard.
  • All paths are closed except the way of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) which leads to the destination.
  • Repentance has three meanings. First remorse, then abandonment and finally refrain from oppression and hostility.
  • All the knowledge of the scholars is limited to two words only in terms of accuracy of belief and truth in service.
  • I like to be with good people. Even though he is wicked. Not with a badass who is eloquent and eloquent.
  • Love is God’s trust. The love that is in exchange for something disappears. When the recompense arises (therefore the only lasting love is for the sake of Allah Almighty)

Hakim Luqman | Sufi Quotes in English

  • Son, do not associate anyone with God.
  • Don’t do what people think is bad.
  • When you come to creation, take care of your tongue.
  • Avoid knowledge without action and action without knowledge.
  • Make silence your motto to be safe from evil language.
  • Be more understanding and less talkative and don’t worry in silence.
  • Nothing is dearer to you than the blessing of the Hereafter.
  • Wisdom and wisdom make the poor king.
  • The fulfillment of goodness is to do it.
  • Don’t go ahead of the elders on the way. This is rude.
  • If time is of the essence, then use it wisely.
  • Take the world of suffering for granted and keep death in mind at all times.
  • Not struggling is a cause of need.
  • To keep one’s secret is to protect one’s honor.
  • Don’t be angry. It starts with madness and ends with remorse.
  • There are many benefits to befriending a wise person.
  • It is necessary to acquire intellect and wisdom. Look down, tell the truth, keep the promise, respect the guest, support the neighbor, and give up anything that is of no use.
  • Don’t be afraid of suffering because the stars shine in the dark.
  • Everyone seeks a true friend but does not bother to be a true friend.
  • The perfect man is the one who can make the enemy a friend, and if for some reason it is beyond your reach, then go through the stingy enmity and anger that your anger is more enemy to you than the enemy.
  • Whatever you want to keep hidden from the enemy, keep it hidden from your friend. Lest one day becomes an enemy.
  • Don’t sleep at sunrise because it is a time of worship. Sleeping at this time is unfortunate.
  • There is no wealth like intellect and no poverty like ignorance.
  • Stay away from people as much as possible so that your heart is safe and your soul is pure.
  • Be content with the little things of the world. Be content with the sustenance of destiny and do not look at the sustenance of others so that you may be safe from suffering.
  • Never forget God and death. Forget your own good and the evil of others.
  • Trust your heart and be careful not to love or hate anyone.

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