Best 5 famous People quotes in English

best famous People quotes about life and success. Sufi quotes.

Best 5 famous People quotes in English

hazrat mujaddid alf sani quotes

  • Of all the creatures, man is the most powerful.
  • It is very difficult to control this enemy who came through obedience.
  • Do the work of the Hereafter today. Leave the work of the world to tomorrow.
  • The greatest sin after disbelief is heartache. Whether it belongs to a believer or a disbeliever.
  • Loving God’s enemies is enmity with God.
  • Loneliness or isolation is the name of turning away from useless occupation.
  • He who has a wife, a house, a servant and a horse is a king.
  • There has been no ignorant guardian and there never will be.
  • It is immoral for a woman to talk softly with a non-mahram man, and it is obligatory for her to wear thin clothes.
  • Do not seek blessings from the people of Allah. Bless their very existence.
  • The world’s troubles are as painful as wounds, but in reality they are the cause of progress.
  • Kindness is better everywhere but better with neighbors.
  • Love for children is a sign of God’s mercy.
  • Life’s opportunities are few and far between.
  • Knowledge is a fact and ignorance is ignorance.
  • Forgiveness is expected for slow action, but not for unbelief.
  • Arrogance with the arrogant is charity.
  • The outward appearance is actually an inward pattern.
  • Fools seeking wisdom in the world and intellect.

Quotes Harun al-Rashid

  • Sharif is the one who oppresses the elders and oppresses the younger ones.
  • There is no better spectacle in the world than watching a battle of the minds.
  • I prefer to be overwhelmed by argument rather than overwhelmed by force.
  • There are three kinds of men. There are some that are needed all the time, some are like medicine that is needed at certain times and some are not preferred in any situation like disease.
  • The laziness of the soldiers is the cowardice of the soldier.
  • The best meeting is the one in which the situation of the people is known.
  • The symbol of Sharif is that he tolerates the oppression of those superior to him but does not oppress those below him.
  • I love forgiveness so much that if the criminals find out about it, their hearts will be filled with fear and instead of fear, their hearts will be filled with joy.
  • Wealth is easy to accumulate, but difficult to maintain.
  • Reduce sin enough to bear their punishment.
  • When anger overpowers you, keep quiet.
  • Halam is an army to respond to the bastards.
  • A flattering person will prefer both evil and good.
  • Know your little one better than others.
  • To compliment oneself with one’s own language is to spoil people’s opinion.
  • What a beautiful thing. Say less and do more.

Saadi Shirazi Persian poet

  • Melt yourself like a candle to gain knowledge.
  • The wise man thinks before he speaks, the fool thinks after he has spoken.
  • The man who was greedy for money blew the threshing floor of his life.
  • When the stomach is empty, the body becomes the soul, and when it is full, the soul becomes the body.
  • There is no one more unfortunate than the oppressor because no one helps him in times of trouble.
  • If the birds unite, they can pull the lion’s skin.
  • The one who has more money is Mukhtaj.
  • If Allah Almighty starts fulfilling the desires of the stingy man, fate becomes his slave and Qarun’s treasure falls into his hands and the whole world comes under his control, then even the stingy man is not worthy to take his name.
  • He who does not show mercy to the weak will have to endure the tyranny of the powerful.
  • If sustenance were obtained by intellect, all the fools of the world would starve to death.
  • The person who is truly wise does not utter a bad word even in a state of anger.
  • Patience opens the door to the purpose of life because there is no other key to this door than patience.
  • Making money is not a skill. If you can, win someone’s heart once and for all.
  • One who has clean clothes and unclean habits does not need a key to the gates of hell.
  • The man who does not do good in good times suffers in bad times.
  • Do not despise the enemy.
  • Don’t tell your secret to a friend even if the friend is sincere. What is the news that one day he will become an enemy. In the same way, do not inflict any harm that you can inflict on the enemy, because one day this enemy may become your friend.
  • Don’t risk your life if work can get you out of wealth.
  • Cover the poor with seventy, that the veil of Allah Almighty is your seventy.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • The man who does not think and speak is spoiled by his answer.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • Consulting women is a disaster and forgiving the corrupt is a sin.
  • Whoever is not taught literature in his childhood, when he grows up, there will be no good in him.
  • If you don’t like evil, don’t do it yourself, then tell your neighbor not to do it.
  • If something good comes out of your effort, understand it with the help of God Almighty and not by your own effort.
  • A piece of advice that is devoid of purpose is as resistant to disease as bitter medicine.
  • If you want to be rich, do not ask for anything but conviction that this is the best wealth.

Quotes on Ibn Sina

Best 5 famous People quotes in English
Best 5 famous People quotes in English

Seed is the seed of enmity for the ignorant.

Silence is the beauty of conversation.

Why do you trust your opinion when your opinion keeps changing day by day?

The best word is dhikr, the best deed is worship and the best quality is knowledge.

Eat as much as you can digest.

Sweet food warms the body and salty food dries and weakens the body.

Heart disease is the biggest disease and heart disease is the biggest heart disease.

Don’t eat without hunger and don’t go hungry when hunger is high.

Swords, cannons and guns do not kill as much as they kill overeating.

Sour foods age the skin, weaken the body and are harmful to the muscles.

Delicious food is good and good and increases appetite and bad food accepts nature late and reduces appetite.

I have two wishes. The first is to keep listening to the word of God and the second is to see a servant of God.

quotes on quaid e azam

I am not familiar with the word defeat.

If you want to be something, don’t waste a single moment.

We must not be discouraged, discouraged, or discouraged.

Democracy requires equality and brotherhood.

Mutual trust increases cooperation.

I want to make it clear to my youth that they must show true feelings of service, courage and endurance. Set such noble and lofty examples that your contemporaries and future generations will follow you.

Bringing two nations together in a system of empire, where one is in the minority and the other in the majority, will only increase the mutual conflict and ultimately lead to the ruin of the system that is designed for the government of such a country. Will

Always live according to the ideas and ambitions to which you have recently dedicated your lives.

The first duty of the government is to maintain law and order so that the people are fully guaranteed by the state the protection of their lives, property and religious beliefs.

Our goal should not only be to meet all kinds of needs and remove all kinds of fears, but also to achieve the freedom, brotherhood and equality that Islam has taught us.

Work hard, hold fast to honesty and sincerity.

Knowledge is more powerful than the sword, so spread knowledge in your country. No one can defeat you.

There can be no better means of salvation than the death of a martyr for the sake of truth.

Communism, Bolshevism or any other such political or economic sect is in fact an imperfect copy of Islam and its political system.

Islamic democracy invalidates every law and philosophy of life that has been devised by man outside the code of God.

A Muslim does not rely on anyone other than Allah Almighty and knows how to protect his rights.

Moral strength, courage, hard work and perseverance are the four pillars on which the whole edifice of human practical life can be built.

If we make the Bible our last and definite leader and adhere to the method of patience and contentment, do not forget God’s instructions, then no power in the world can defeat us.

Our salvation is only in following the good example of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Democracy can only flourish if its foundations are truly based on the principles of Islamic thought.

If something is good then it is Islam and if something is not good then it cannot be Islam because Islam is the essence of justice.

We demanded Pakistan not just to get a piece of land but we needed a laboratory where we could adopt our Islamic principles.

Democracy means that the majority makes the law and enforces it.

Politics cannot be separated from religion.

We must never lose sight of civilization.

United Nation is a dream that can never be embarrassingly interpreted.

Service, suffering and sacrifice are the basic requirements for performing a great deed and gaining one’s rightful place in the national life of the country.

In Islam, there is no obedience to any king, nor is there any concept of obedience to parliament or any person or institution. Only the commandments of the Qur’an can determine the limits of our freedom and restraint in politics and society. In other words, the Islamic government is a government of Qur’anic principles and rules.

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